The Ford Ranger is a popular pickup truck known for its ruggedness, versatility, and capability. Here is a detailed report on the new Ford Ranger:

  1. Design and Exterior:

    • The new Ford Ranger features a bold and muscular design, with a prominent front grille and aggressive headlights.
    • It is available in different body styles, including single cab, super cab, and double cab, providing options for various needs.
    • The truck has a robust build quality and is designed to handle tough terrains and challenging conditions.
  2. Interior and Comfort:

    • The Ranger offers a spacious and well-designed cabin with comfortable seating for the driver and passengers.
    • It provides ample headroom and legroom, ensuring a comfortable ride even on long journeys.
    • The interior is practical and functional, with numerous storage compartments and cup holders for convenience.
  3. Performance and Capability:

    • The new Ranger is equipped with a range of powerful engines, including diesel and petrol options, delivering impressive performance and towing capabilities.
    • It offers excellent off-road capability, with features like four-wheel drive, electronic locking rear differential, and off-road driving modes.
    • The truck has a high ground clearance and a strong chassis, allowing it to handle rough terrains and heavy loads with ease.
  4. Cargo Space and Towing Capacity:

    • The Ranger offers a spacious cargo bed with various load lengths and widths available depending on the chosen model.
    • It has a maximum towing capacity of up to 3,500 kg, making it suitable for hauling heavy trailers and equipment.
    • The truck features practical cargo management systems, such as tie-down hooks and bed liners, to secure and protect the cargo.
  5. Technology and Safety:

    • The Ranger comes with a range of advanced technology features, including Ford's SYNC infotainment system with touchscreen display, Bluetooth connectivity, and smartphone integration.
    • It offers a variety of driver assistance systems, such as lane-keeping assist, adaptive cruise control, and blind-spot monitoring, enhancing safety on the road.
    • The truck is equipped with multiple airbags, stability control, and advanced braking systems to ensure the safety of the driver and passengers.
  6. Customization Options:

    • The Ranger offers a range of customization options, allowing buyers to choose from different trim levels, exterior colors, and interior finishes.
    • Optional features include upgraded audio systems, navigation, leather upholstery, and advanced safety technologies.

Overall, the new Ford Ranger is a capable and versatile pickup truck that offers a spacious cargo bed, powerful performance, advanced technology, and a range of safety features. It is designed to handle both on-road and off-road adventures, making it suitable for work and leisure purposes. For new Ford Ranger leasing Bridgend, South Wales with nationwide delivery across the UK, call Hawkstone Commercials on 01656 47 00 55. We have XLT, Tremor, Wildtrak and Raptor models in stock. New Ford Ranger Wildtrak lease deals are one of the most popular vehicles we sell to our customers.